outsourcing services


You pay your claims with 98% or greater accuracy and pay out millions of dollars a month. It’s very resource intensive to be as accurate as you are, why waste valuable resources chasing after 1%-2% in overpayments? Let proven experts do it for you and maximize your recoveries.

Refund Letter Consolidation

Individual overpayments under $40 or $50 may not seem like much, but they can add up fast. ARC is able to consolidate all overpayments by provider. Turning those minor overpayments into significant savings for your clients.

Outsourced Call Center

All of our recoveries are performed by certified coders. This results in dramatically higher recovery rates and an improved provider satisfaction over typical call centers.

Customizable Reporting

All recoveries are tracked real time in reports that can be accessed through the web. Every aspect of these reports is customizable, giving you unprecedented control over your overpayments.