DRGLogiq is designed to support and augment your DRG review process.

Customizable DRG Weights

Users are provided with a standard DRG listing with each DRG being assigned an audit recommendation weight. This alerts the user to those DRGs which are most likely to produce positive results.
Need to carve out a specific group? Need to apply a specific edit to only a select few groups? Every aspect of our Rules Engine can be tailored to your company’s needs, providing total control over your claim editing.

Customizable Reports

It’s your system, and they are your groups. You should be able to create customized reports at any time, based on any criteria – allowing you to provide your clients with valuable data to analyze for their specific need. This reporting provides unmatched service to you and your clients.


If outsourcing doesn’t make sense, our comprehensive recovery technology suite allows you to take control of the process from start to finish.